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My friend needs help


my friend thinks she's pregnant

An unplanned pregnancy can create a crisis situation for your friend. She may be very upset about missing her period or other pregnancy symptoms. As her friend, you can help her understand her pregnancy and choices for her next steps by letting her know we’re here to help. Your friend deserves to know the specific procedures of each available abortion method and their associated risks. She may also want to think about all her options, including parenting or adoption. There’s a lot to consider and we’re here to support – just like you. Let us know if she’d like to make an appointment. All the services at LIFEBRIDGE are free and confidential, schedule an appointment today.


Don’t Panic Before You’re Sure    


 If your friend is worried about being pregnant, the most important thing she can do right now is get tested and be sure. Even if she’s taken a home test, it may not be accurate. LIFEBRIDGE offers free pregnancy tests that are laboratory quality and more accurate than some home tests. We can also help her with a referral for STD testing and a free limited ultrasound. 



Is Your Friend Thinking About An Abortion?


Is Your Friend Thinking About An Abortion? Every year, our center talks to friends, boyfriends, and parents of girls who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. If you’re helping her through this difficult situation, let us know how we can help. Our Support Staff can answer all the questions you – or she – may have about her pregnancy and options available.


Some Pregnancies End In Miscarriage


Even if your friend has had a positive pregnancy test and is thinking about abortion, she should know that many pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. An ultrasound will help determine if your pregnancy is viable or if she might have a natural miscarriage.


Pressure From Family & Friends                      


An unplanned pregnancy often brings added pressure if your friend is worried about disappointing family and friends or losing a boyfriend. These feelings make it difficult for her to feel freedom about making informed choices. LIFEBRIDGE can help her work all the aspects of her situation and provide information about abortion and her options. Our goal is to give her the freedom to choose what is best for her unique circumstances and herself.


I Think My Friend Is In Trouble


Every day people find themselves in relationships that may be abusive. Abuse can be verbal, emotional, physical or sexual.

If you think that your friend may be in an unsafe relationship please talk to someone about this right away, don't wait.


Click HERE for more information about abuse; how to recognize it and STOP IT!


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