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Lies we want to believe


There are a lot of lies that we want to believe about being protected during sex. 

let's look at some common misconceptions about protection. 

Q "I'm on the pill and my mom got me the HPV shot so am I safe."


Birth control pills and HPV Shots do not protect you from STI/STD's including HIV, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea to name a few. The HPV shot is for limited strains of HPV. Talk to you physician.

Q "We use a condom most of the time, so are we safe?"


STI/STD's are transmitted through body fluids and skin to skin contact with an affected area so...random use of a condom is not protecting you.

Q "My boyfriend told me that he had his STD testing done and he was clean, so we had sex without protection. Do I need to get tested?"


Unprotected Sex = STI/STD Testing EVERY TIME

Q "My girlfriend and I had sex once. She then told me she thought that she was pregnant. She did have a pregnancy test and she was not pregnant. Do I need to get tested?"


See the previous answer - EVERY TIME

Q "My friend thinks that she will be able to tell if the guy she is with has an STI/STD and if she is not sure, she just asks and he will tell her the truth. Does she need to get tested?"


See the previous 2 answer - EVERY TIME

Most STI/STD's have little to no outward symptoms. Men have a closed system that enable them to be carriers without even knowing it. Women having open systems are very, very susceptible to contract STI/STD's. Frankly, guys and gals lie when they want sex. 

100% Protection = Abstaining from sex until... are ready to make the commitment to a monogamous relationship with the one person who is ready to make the commitment to a monogamous relationship with their one person


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